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News and exciting about wholesale jewelry accessories

Jewelry wholesale is currently wrapped in colorful candy colors. Cute designs look playful and girly. Delicate ornaments leave plenty of room for feminine jewelry, which is welcome to be spiced up with beads and statement pendants.

Pastel colors bring fresh cheerfulness

Large collection of colourful beads in boxesColorful beads, enamel pendants, glass stones, tassels, cords, jewelry ribbons – everything seems to be available in powdery colors at the moment, exuding a youthful lightness. So when shopping at crystal beads wholesale, you can truly feel like a kid in a candy store.
The advantage of these light colors: they can be wonderfully combined with numerous metals. Pastel shades in lilac, light blue, turquoise or mint green look fresh and radiant with silver. Delicate pink, often combined with strong magenta or white and edged with gold, makes a feminine fashion statement that attracts attention.

Jewelry for the girl in us

If you look at the current pendants and accessories for jewelry, they often seem childishly playful. Donuts, fruits, hearts to delicate flowers or playful kittens – the trend is towards girly and cute. Especially by using enamel, numerous shapes can shine in colorful variations here. A trend that creates anticipation especially at Christmas time with fir trees, Santa Clauses and Co.

Almost contrary comes the trend for delicate elements, which, however, can complement each other very nicely with playful shapes. Especially for making necklaces or bracelets, delicate metal elements can be mixed with colorful pendants. Or perhaps a little angel as a pendant?

An almost timeless trend are zodiac signs. Whether as a filigree pendant in gold, silver or rose, as a cabochon or combined with a matching gemstone – you can reach for the stars and make a statement in the truest sense of the word.

Pearls and gemstones for timeless unique pieces

The trend of the jewelry accessories goes above all to the unique pieces. The desire for individual jewelry is great and through numerous Zubehöre, this can be implemented accordingly.

Gemstone nuggets, which can be effortlessly strung together like beads or combined with other materials such as wood, metal and enamel, automatically create unique pieces of jewelry. Because every gemstone nugget is different and the combinations are almost endless.

When classic meets modern, mother of pearl beads are a trend not to be passed by. The soft-looking pearls can be accentuated with subtle colors as well as refreshed with strong shades. They are suitable for almost all jewelry designs. Whether earrings, necklaces, charms or rings – thanks to a wide variety of sizes, a whole range of jewelry can be created with them.


If you look at the current jewelry accessories wholesale, especially new colors impress. Especially pastel shades are the current trend. Whether combined with silver, gold or colorful cords, the candy colors catch the eye.
In addition, playful ornaments and floral designs conjure a little spring back into the dawning cold season.
Of course, everything around the Christmas season may not be missing.

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