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We recommend dry ice cleaning

Cleaning service providers work with the dry ice machine for cleaning. With this method, a non-abrasive and above all environmentally friendly alternative to the conventional, classic cleaning work and methods is possible. This creates a much more effective and faster process. Secondary waste is not produced in this way.

Waste collection and disposal unnecessary

With the dry ice machine for cleaning, waste collection and disposal is also unnecessary. Where dry ice blasting is used, fewer and fewer personnel are needed. Time is also reduced at work and you have a much better end result. Dry ice blasting is used for many projects and for maintenance and cleaning of buildings in many industries and around the world.

Effective solution

With the dry ice machine for cleaning, a more effective solution is chosen for the refurbishment, restoration and cleaning objects. Dry ice has unique properties. They make it the perfect cleaning medium for companies and service providers. It does not damage any surfaces and is not abrasive. It is also safe (for the operator) and non-toxic. Other advantages are that it is environmentally friendly and can be completely dispensed with corrosive and toxic chemicals for cleaning. The dry ice always sublimates when in contact with the surface. It leaves no secondary waste stream. Otherwise, this would have to be disposed of, collected and retained. This gives service providers the opportunity to improve all margins on the many projects.

Application in different circumstances

The dry ice process is used for mold remediation or for general building cleaning or maintenance. It is also used in power generation plants and fire protection. The dry ice cleaning process can also be used for historic restorations, for extensive plant cleaning during downtimes or in the food and beverage manufacturing industry. It is also used in oil and gas plants and machinery. This achieves a long-term value at low costs. It should be noted that not all dry ice irradiation devices are equivalent. The investment has to be thoroughly considered. The return on investment, the so-called ROI, and the general yield of the machine must be carefully taken into account. The “Cold Jet machines” achieve a fast ROI and thus more value is generated from their own investments. In the case of machines, maintaining integrity is important in order to maintain service life. Look here:

Other benefits of the method

Further advantages with the dry ice method are that cleaning is possible without any preparatory work. The machines do not have to be painstakingly disassembled and dismantled for cleaning. The ice pellets get to even the smallest angles without any problems. The machine downtime sides are also minimal and thanks to the effective and faster cleaning, a cost-effective and above all environmentally friendly work is possible. The process does not require any chemicals or abrasives. The surfaces are definitely not damaged during the dry ice process and there are no gaps. Dry ice is also completely sublimated to CO2. There are no residues, such as abrasives, that enter the waste water, which makes the process very environmentally friendly.